• TERPIN v TRUGLIACivil Lawsuit Filed 08/15/2018

Civil Lawsuit Filed 08/15/2018

On January 7 2018, AT&T gave hackers control of Michael Terpin’s mobile service. Because of that, the hackers were able to steal $24M from Terpin. On December 28, 2018, Terpin filed a civil lawsuit against 21-year old Nicholas Truglia, claiming Truglia was the one of the hackers that stole the money.

In this lawsuit, Terpin claims that Truglia confessed to his friends that he committed the theft of Terpin, and boasted to his friends on the day of the theft, “I’m a millionaire. I’m not kidding. I have 100 Bitcoin” and “today my life changed forever” and offered to hire “porn star escorts” for him and his friends and take them to the Super Bowl.

Terpin is suing Truglia for the $24M plus interest and, pursuant to 18 U.S. Code § 1964 (Civil remedies), Terpin claims rights to recover threefold damages from Truglia, for a total of $72M.

Read the TERPIN v TRUGLIA civil lawsuit below.

Original Complaint

This is the Original Complaint Filing in TERPIN v TRUGLIA122818 TERPIN v TRUGLIA

Chris David Declaration

This is a declaration by Chris David, one of the people accused by Nicholas Truglia of beating him up. In this declaration, David declares, on penalty of perjury, several incriminating actions done and statements made by Truglia about his SIM swapping, the amount of money he stole, and his accomplices.

Read the full declaration here:123118 Chris David Declaration (TERPIN v TRUGLIA)

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